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St John’s is a fantastic school in the heart of Clifton and Redland, welcoming children from all backgrounds, religions, and world views. However, despite being judged Outstanding by OFSTED in their last 2 consecutive inspections, the school started to find itself losing out to the private sector and their associated marketing machines. Head Teacher, Justin Hoye decided it was time to take decisive action and remind the city of Bristol just what a great school St John’s really is.

My work

I was introduced to St John’s six months before prospective parents were due to visit the school, with a view to applying for a place for their child. A crucially important time.

To allow the school to make the most of this opportunity, I identified the need to develop a solid, focused marketing foundation, with emphasis on raising the profile of St John’s in Bristol. My task was to redesign and rewrite the school website and create a professional and informative platform that was attractive and engaging for both current and prospective parents.

To fully deliver this project I needed to assemble a trusted team. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to work with some brilliant web designers, photographers, and cinematographer, so was able to engage the right talent for the right budget. But before we could get started, we needed a brief that we could all work to.

Working closely with Justin and the school’s Chair of Governors, we defined the chief content and messages, identified the key users and uses of the website, and agreed on the look, feel and experience we wanted to create for the site and school.

As well as writing and creating most of the new content myself, I also managed the team and project. I’m delighted to it was delivered on time (within a tight deadline!) on brief and on budget.

The new website has been extremely well received and praised by current and prospective parents alike. For the first time in quite a few years the school is now oversubscribed, and I am just very happy to have been a part of the team that helped make this possible and look forward to working with St John’s again on future projects.

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Justin says...

Our new school admissions this year have been released and I am overjoyed to say that we are now oversubscribed! Needless to say, Holly played a significant role in helping to achieve this through the transformation of our website, message, imagery and video – it has all come together perfectly and is really coherent with her expertise paying off. I cannot thank Holly enough for all she has done to support and guide us through this, it is very much appreciated.

Justin Hoye
Headteacher St John’s School


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