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Tom Copping established Elite Performance Training in 2013. An experienced personal trainer, his mission has always been to help clients build their strength and performance by showing them how to get the most out of their workout. Tom’s original branding and marketing assets served him well – but by his own admission – several years on it was starting to look a little dated. To further grow the business, he realised he was in need of a brand refresh. The problem was Tom didn’t really know where to start.

Elite Performance Training

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I enjoy working with fellow self-employed bods as we often face the same challenges, and I’ve always admired those brave enough to go it alone. When Tom asked if I could help him create some new marketing materials, I immediately signed up. When you meet Tom, you quickly learn he is professional, precise and does not mess about with what he does. He has a reputation for getting results and any redesign would need to reflect this.

I started by looking at his logo. The first stage of a project is always critical, and I worked closely with Tom to get the brief right. Together we identified what was most important to him about his business and I made sure I fully understood how he worked, the services he offered (and was planning to offer) and what his clients valued most. We also defined where and how the logo would be used, and I got an idea of styles and colour palettes he did and didn’t like. Next, I introduced Tom to the best graphic designer to undertake a project of this nature.

Working collaboratively, and with me guiding Tom through the process, we produced a new logo with a more contemporary and dynamic look, before focusing on his business card, POS advertising and clothing merchandise.

Personal training is a crowded market and Tom’s new portfolio of advertising materials stands out. It reflects his personality, experience and depth of knowledge but also successfully appeals to both male and female clients. Most importantly Tom really likes it. He is now working with clients nationally through the new online strand of his business and has added nutritional advice and weight loss to his services.

Our next task is to build his new website and I can’t wait to get started.


Tom says...

Working with Holly to help recreate and reinvigorate my branding was possibly one the best decisions I could have made for my business. She was amazing from start to finish – always providing me with valuable help, advise and expertise – whilst still following my brand vision. I couldn’t recommend Holly highly enough and I’m excited to do more work with her in the near future. Her skills and service far exceeded my expectations and the finished product was perfect.

Tom Copping
Elite Performance Training


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